Sunday Afternoon Rituals

There’s really nothing to match

That Sunday morning chills

You know the one

That morning after Saturday night thrills

When plans and hopes and dreams

When in drunken haze reborn

And still seems quite possible 

On that Sunday morn…


Sundays are the most loved and anticipated day of the week . Sundays are most watch for, planned for and craved for. Sunday is the day for yourself, no work all play. Sunday is a day off of pressure it’s a makeover for you to get ready for Monday again. Women do take that seriously as it so hard to get a appointment on Sundays at beauty salons and spa as it the best way there to relax yourself is to pamper yourself. But it’s whole other topic for another day. Now it’s a Sunday afternoon it’s cheerless and sad if they can be different things I don’t understand why Sunday afternoon are dullest and sad for no reason I know most of you will agree with me Sunday afternoon bring a uncertain sadness vibe to it all you want to do is wallow but wallowing gets bore too as Sunday afternoon makes anything almost everything uninteresting except the rituals. Everyone has their own Sunday afternoon rituals some thing just for Sunday afternoon. So here are some common Sunday afternoon rituals


    Family that eats together stays together might be an optional on other days but not on a Sunday. It’s has a special menu for it heavy greasy delicious. It gives you an appetite you always end up eating more then you intend to. Family member individual  progress that happen over a week and plans are discussed at this dining table. There is some arguing too but come on how can you expect a bunch of people to agree on one thing. 



      It can be a movie or a TV show whole family watch the same thing and discuss about it. My mother would be like “What did he say just now I didn’t hear””Why did he do that”” Why did he say that”and my father is like “This is so untrue why do they show this” blah blah and we kids are like “Will you guys just watch in peace and let us watch too”.And all those comparison to the characters and agreeing and disagreeing sums up into a fun time. So another family bonding time.

      TAKING A NAP :

      When it’s a day for relaxing what’s better than taking a nap. Nothing can beat that. Sunday afternoon nap’s are the most common ritual. Afternoon naps makes you feel so much better than a whole night sleep I wonder why, must have some scientific angle to it. If it is a feel good thing then it is a feel good thing no reasons required.


      If you’re a young couple with kids then it’s your Sunday afternoon ritual to get kids for a getaway. Even families goes to beaches, malls or shopping too. But shopping with family is a difficult task you choose something for yourself then your family isn’t ok with it,they give their choices to you and in the end you end up dissatisfying yourself by buying what they want. Families right. My advice never buy clothes with your parents like never ever.


        If you are a reader you wouldn’t let go your Sunday without reading a book it’s dullness of a Sunday afternoon so set the mood for reading. I am a big fan of classic literature so sometimes I do spend my Sunday afternoon with Charles Dickens or Jane Austen but mostly my Sunday afternoon are family lunch and TV-time.

        What about you guys, what is your Sunday routine ?? Let me know in the comment section below.

        Image credit : shutterstock and gettyimage.


        28 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Rituals

        1. Lovely post. I love a slumberous Sunday. The kind that moves at a snail’s pace. Where I can get motivated to make home made pasta and potter around with my toddler. When it hits about 5pm I start to wallow. It’s Monday here and I wish it was yesterday….


        2. I love the poem that you used in the beginning. It’s so cute, and it definitely introduced me to the world of GK Kingsley πŸ™‚
          My Sunday afternoon routine is pretty boring, as it consists mainly of feverishly completing my homework, along with writing a blog post. Well, one fun family thing my family does together is that we eat together, so, I guess that that and blogging are my Sunday afternoon highlights.

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          1. Haha. I remember those days I used to beg my siblings during school (it got replaced by my friends in dorm room at college) to do my homework so I can watch TVπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Thank you for sharing that with me. I appreciate that. 😊😊

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        3. I really like this article, it’s so well written. I could totally relate to it especially those family lunch same things happens at our dinnertable.


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