I Miss The Old John Mayer 

John Mayer was the biggest heartthrob in 2000s. By the end of 2000s,Only few were untouched by his charms. He was my first and biggest crush. My heart went crazy when I first saw him on the TV playing guitar singing ” Your Body is a wonderland”. It was the most beautiful song I ever heard, Best song ever. I was a eleven year old girl crazing for this musical heartthrob. Fangirl-ing was new to me but soon I did master that art. I had all his pictures and his CDs which I played like everyday for a year and every time they show him on TV I couldn’t help but swoon. Even now when I watch him play guitar I go back to that Eleven year old fangirl all over again.

He was everything I ever dreamt for. He had that handsome face along with his mesmerising voice with his incredible guitar skills and amazing songwriting talent. I just thought he made guitar look cool. I know, I was a little girl in love.

Back then his songs were a instant hit at radio and music channels. Your body is a wonderland was blockbuster you can still find lessons on how to play “Your body is a wonderland ” on guitars on YouTube. It’s his biggest hit till date I guess. Ofcourse there is daughters too. Such a sensitive issue protray with such grace. He’s songs were so sweet and simple with those thoughtful lyrics which brought back ‘the feels’ and which we can relate to and they perfectly word our emotions which is quite rare nowadays. He is a great musician and no one can say otherwise. 

John Mayer songs are his autobiographical journey which are so much inspiring. They are unrushed, timeless and pleasant. All of his songs has this certain sensitivity so much depth that your heart breaks for him.

John Mayer’s early hits were no such thing, why Georgia and your body is a wonderland. I love this verse from no such thing :

“I can’t wait for

my high school ten year reunion

I am gonna bust down the double door

and when I will stand

on the table before you

you will know what

all this time was for”.

Only a pure genius can write something like that. I love ‘Why Georgia’song it’s about the quarter life crisis where he ask himself “Am I doing it right”. If you haven’t heard that song, please check it out it’s very good song. I still listen to it sometimes Coz it’s so relatable.

John Mayer just started to get bigger and bigger. With daughters he won his another Grammy for song of the year and there was no looking back. For his next album continuum he won Grammy for album of the year. He was bigger than ever. He was everywhere on TV. He was dating all these celebrities and got into so many controversies and somewhere down the line he lost touch to  his geniuses. He was good but not that great then he got into all these controversies and he had throat problems. Then he went to haitus to Montana. He did come back but he was never the same.
I love John Mayer always have always will. My iPhone is still filled with all his songs. I just wish that he would bring the kind of music will loved him for. So it’s 2016 hope a new John Mayer album comes out, good or bad I will definitely buy it. Because I know

John Mayer is a good man with good heart and his shadow days are over and he will be good to his future daughters and he is much bigger than the body gives him credit for as he say what he wants to say and doesn’t wait for the world to change and finally he is perfectly lonely now and he is no longer dreaming with a broken heart and writing love songs for no one because he was a fool to love her as it was a city love that he thought she got a face to call home but it was heartbreak warfare Coz he was in it with only half of his heart for loving a paper doll but now it’s a new him and the gravity won’t hold him down anymore for him to stand up high and show the world that his Music is a wonderland.

John Mayer I Love You..



8 thoughts on “I Miss The Old John Mayer 

  1. HI!
    It’s nice to find someone who also fangirl over him because most of my friends don’t even know who John Mayer is (well, they know, but it’s only ‘Oh cool, John Mayer’ not that they listen to all of his songs and smile or cry over his genius lyrics).
    I agree with you, I miss the old him and music of his, especially the ones from Continuum album (my all time fav that’s just turned 10 several weeks ago!). To be honest, I set high hopes on his upcoming album just because he said he worked that with the Continuum crew. That’s gonna be fantastic.
    Finger crossed! T

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  2. I completely agree with you! I was in l was in love with him and his music. I remember watching him on Austin City Limits and I fell in love with his passion for music. Now no one cares about his music, they only care about if he will get back with Katy Perry….

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