Behind The Mask

Behind the mask there is a frail and fragile me
Enigmas clothed in conundrums; that the naked I can’t see

‘Behind the mask is concealed, my authenticity
Examine my history to unravel my perplexing mysteries

Behind the mask it is unseen paralyzing, piercing pain
With arrogance and self-assurance camouflaging the shame

Behind the mask is hidden my true Identity.
Seek and survey the signs of my obscurity

Behind the mask is veiled a heart that’s been broken
Held together by unexpressed resentment and animosity unspoken

Behind the mask is where my insecurity hides,
Like realism wrapped in riddles, you must read between the lines

Behind the mask is where I cover my falling tears
Dig just below the surface and you’ll unearth my crippling fears

Behind the mask there are cloaked secrets unexplained and untold
Decipher the symbols to crack my encrypted codes
Behind the mask you’ll uncover my True expressions
Remove and reveal parodies, and expose the false impressions

Behind the mask, it is hidden, my Individuality.
Not acting out some script of who I’m thought to be

Behind the mask is obscured my, vulnerability
Suppressing the mounting manifestation of the inner me

Behind the mask it is disguised, my true reflection
Underneath open wounds inflected by rejection

Behind the mask rest crushed and shattered dream
Where fear muzzles roaring whispers and screeching silent screams

Behind the mask is buried, my stolen youth
Deception, and cover-ups, masquerading as facts and truth

Behind the mask is where I screen the confusion
Look close and you’ll find, trickery and deception, draped in fantasy and optical

Behind the mask it’s stifling; it is hard for me to breathe,
The walls of deceit that i have built ,are quickly closing in on me.

I am trapped behind facades of smirks and phony smiles.
So may I please remove this mask just for a little while?

-by Chiquitachiamaka Baity

You can checkout her other work here

Just came across this lovely poem and thought I should definitely share it. Many  of you can relate to this, I know I can.

Image credit : shutterstock


13 thoughts on “Behind The Mask

  1. This is excellent. The rhyming was beautiful, and the meaning of it I can relate to.

    I am one of many masks. For each person I meet I put on a mask that I believe they will surely like. My existence, to them, whether they know it or not, is superficial. It’s a mere illusion I have created just for them. The mystery of this is why do I feel the need to please them with such illusions? Perhaps it is a insecurity of not being liked, or a craving to please whomever I meet. I have no clue, but your poem has open up a door within me I must open. Thank you very much for creating this and sharing it!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. And to you! A big FANKS!
        In all honesty I wish I could drop by more often. Your blog’s great. I just am soooo disorganised and get wrapped in my own crap.
        Therefore: Fanks and sorry in equal measure!


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