Friends Forever…

It’s by chance we met and by choice we became friend. I love you for not what you are but what I become when I am with you. My best friend is one the best thing that has happen to me. She made a huge difference in my life. She has been my strength all along, she is someone I can count on and someone who never lost faith in me even when the whole world did. And I can never thank her enough. She understands me a bit more than I understand myself.  We never have the same nature but we have best understanding of our differences. She is my best friend and this is the story of our friendship.

It was first year of college and we were all new going through awkwardness together. I met her at our dorm. We stayed at same dorm floor few r oom apart from each other. We used to see each other all the time and she used smile at me so I used to smile back. For her it was friendship at the first sight if that’s a thing but for me, it was slow process. I took my time. She really made quite an effort to be my friend. She used to trying talk to me all the time. I thought maybe she had some girl crush on me or something like that. I wasn’t interested at first but she is a really nice person someone you can’t be rude with. I was like everyone wanted to be friends with people who are similar to me or share same interest. But we were very different so I was skeptical. She was a sports chic who you always see carrying big sports gearbag with her, never in class, running all the time (I never get how they manage classes and their matches and tournaments ) and who wears sweatshirt and trousers all the time. On the other hand I was a total girly girl. I thought she was a total pushover. It was weird for me as she was always coming up to me and talking about some random stuff. I wondered why she gave me so much attention why she wanted to be my friend. But when someone is nice to you then you tend to go softer on them and they eventually win you over. We were totally different from each other but eventually that didn’t matter. We had our sets of friends too. But we did share a special bond. She had that child-like admiration for me that you could see it in her eyes. I wasn’t a pampered child so  that was a really nice feeling for me. When a guy gives you that look that’s a different thing but when a friend admires you then that genuine and precious. She really thought I was great for some reason so when someone think you are great for real that’s rare and you really wanna keep them around and I kept her around. We started hanging out at coffee shops, going to movies, parties, gaming clubs, sports bar and have all kinds of adventure together. We used to hang out all the time. Soon we were inseparable we became best of friends. I did make new friends along the line but she was always special to me. She is someone who believed in me all the time when I screw up or when everyone is like you can’t do it, she would be like “you can, if you set your mind on it, you can do anything”. She was really caring and protective of me, she used to always check up on me if I was ok on our road trips with group of friends Coz I get motionsickness whenever I go on trips by road. She really put up with me when I was no fun. When all the other friends where having fun she chose to be miserable with me. She really was there for me when I was sick and make every effort to make me feel better and made me eat apples Coz somehow she believes apples could cure any sickness. She made my problems her problem so I don’t have to go through them alone.

I always ask her why does she likes me Coz I don’t think I have done anything to deserve that. Then she says”I just do, I adore you, you are gorgeous wonderful but also sometimes wierd but still lovely person”.

We had our share of fights. When she didn’t agree on stuff or when misunderstanding got huge or times when sorry wasn’t enough. Years of love have been forgot, in the hatred of a minute. We overlooked all the good and got mad for that one bad thing and hurt each other with harsh words. I am kind of person who doesn’t care much with other people but when it’s the person I like then I get really hurt and try everything to give the same pain back or more. We said things, did things that we didn’t mean. But I did missed her but also was too proud to forgive her. But after a while we sort our differences, she send me this big sorry card (which I still treasure)and wrote me two hundred sorrys on the paper and after that how could I be mad with her. But that fight and not been together for a while did made our friendship stronger and made me know how much we value each other I now have no doubt on our friendship and I am a person who always have doubt on relationships, I always look at my other friends and wonder “Why the hell am I friends with her” but with her I never had that doubt. I think now I am the more loving one I did took my time to the friend but when I did I was the best, the best can have. We grew from being teenagers to grown women together. All my best memories that made me who I am today has her in it. We practically stayed together for four complete years that’s a good amount of time to build friendship that last forever. We do stay miles apart now but it didn’t change anything. And yes I do regret that when she was with me I should have being  more nicer to her or maybe should have spent more time with  her or should have done more things of her choice but I guess I have a lifetime to compensate.

She is married now and lives miles away in Canada. But we still talk and share every updates in our lives. She calls me to complaint about the Canadian weather and I tell her my news. We need not talk every single day we may not talk for weeks but when we do we cant stop talking.

“Twenty years from now I am gonna look back and remember that you were the one who could turn every frown into a smile with simple words, who lifted my head when I lost faith in myself, one person who carried tear on her shoulder after every fight every break up every death I went through, that one person who accepted every decision I made, that one person who knew who I really was, that one person who made the biggest difference in my life, my best friend…”

I love you Bestie.


Daily Prompt: Friend

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18 thoughts on “Friends Forever…

    1. A faithful friend is like the pearl of great price … very rare … very wonderful … very necessary! Be blessed when you find one who will be your friend no matter what …. your friend when times are good and your friend when times are not so good … those kind are worth their weight in gold.

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