Bad mood


Keep out of my way

I just don’t want to play

I’m in a bad mood

My inspiration’s down the drain.

I wish it would rain.

Slip out on the porch in damp and cold

Just what I need to restore my soul

So stay clear and let me brood

I’m really annoyed and stressed

Not really sure why I must confess

I’m looking for a fight

Maybe I should close my eyes and call it a night

It’s easy to say I’m lazy or something

But it’s quite simple, 

I’m not in the mood

It’s so breezy for you to walk over me

And if I get snappy so be it

Even if it isn’t on time

I’m still not in the mood

My life is good I should be feeling happy

But I just feel annoyed and crappy

I think of work and my future

And just want to smash up my computer

Quarter-life crisis maybe

Or me just being a petulant baby

There is a fire in my heart 

Burning inside of me

Like the aftermath of a storm

When the formerly purple clouds lighten

Across a canvas of undetermined mood,

Turbulent, fierce, bleeding still,

Close to the surface, threatening to break.

Feeling pretty blue lost interest in Everything

Engaging blank head with empty thoughts

It burnt my smile and my laugh 

Black is the only color I can see 

Feeling so angry and sad 

acting in a very bad attitude 

don’t know what I want today

But nothing feels quite right.

I can taste it. 

The sour-tang of anger staining my tongue.

It’s a flavor that really sinks in.

This nasty, awful taste of diminishing rage

If I had an ice-cream 

I wouldn’t take a bite.

I wouldn’t ride a water slide

No games, no toys, no magic wands,

No elephants for me.

There’s a grouchy bug inside me

And it’s usually asleep,

Buy when the grumpy thing wakes up

I turn into a creep.

I think I’ll go and glare at it now.

I think I’ll go and slap it on track.

Oh no,

I think my bad mood,

Just slapped me right back.

Image credit : shutterstock 


29 thoughts on “Bad mood

  1. Great example of finding something positive in feeling crappy….good for you! 🙂 Sure beats eating a massive bacon cheese burger and feeling even more bitter and angry once you realize that all you accomplished was to give yourself indigestion–followed by regret for eating something so greasy before retreating to bed to try to sleep it all away…which just makes you feel grouchier…Oops, I got carried away there…we are talking about you. I hope you feel better soon 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Food is definitely the first thing people hog on when they feel sad. And it works as well. Sleep too. But what works for me is being alone in peace accompanied by complete silence and throwing things maybe breaking some. Haha. That does the soothing for me. And running too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. There’s a measure of relief in knowing what helps us feel better…and, the best part is when you get past it to the point that you can joke about it…congrats 🙂 And, thanks for sharing that with me 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I find listening to Pearl Jam’s ” Yellow Ledbetter’ or “Just Breathe” soothe my moments like this…or depending on how I want to feel, some really heavy metal or gangster rap also helps haha!

    Liked by 2 people

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