I Am More Than Just A Pretty Face.

Yes I do like when people call me beautiful or find me attractive but that’s not all to me. There is much more to me. I am strong, smart and funny. I am not stupid enough to think that life would be easier if I wasn’t pretty but damn, I am more than a nice body and pretty face. I don’t like how they act surprised when I do or say something intelligent as I was perceived to be dumb. They judged me.They underestimate me. But I know more than I say, think more than I speak and notice more than they realise. For me, sexiest thing on anybody is Intelligence. And I want my intelligence to be noticed and I work so hard on things but all they see is a pretty face.

“I don’t find my “attractiveness” so magnetic that it should cause men to stop what they are doing and be compelled to whistle, catcall, or tell their friends to turn and look at me. I am just a young woman trying to get where I need to be. I’m not bragging that people comment on my appearance; in fact, I despise that anyone thinks this type of behavior is acceptable. No girl should be treated that way as no girl is here to be objectified.”

Imagine how it feels to have heads turn and all eyes on you when you are simply trying to go somewhere. It doesn’t make me feel beautiful or sexy. It makes me feel like there’s something wrong with me or I did something wrong. The scrutiny is never ending. The immediate thoughts of whether my skirt is too short or my shirt is too low cause me to doubt the professional outfit that I put on in the morning. I wonder if there’s something stuck to my teeth or I have something on my nose, if I forgot to put on some item of clothing, anything that could be wrong with me that would cause people to stare. But it’s typically just because I’m “pretty,” and sometimes, it seems like that’s all society will perceive me to be. Situations from bosses, and coworkers is upsetting too. They  don’t believe in you. No matter how hard you work or how many times you have proved your skills, you still have to gain their trust. And when you get some recognition  they will be like “She got that Coz she is pretty”.

I am no way complaining, being pretty is beautiful. Guys are so nice to you, they help you, they give up their seats for you at appointments, they let you get in line, buy you drinks etc etc. But the thing is being young and pretty and having nice body is that it doesn’t last forever. They are millions pretty faces out there your work and passion is what sets you apart. It make people desire you but not respect you. It’s temporary look at Winona Ryder and Mischa Burton they were so pretty when they were young I used to have girl crush on them but now they are not that pretty anymore. It’s  sad and scary, how you can be so pretty and then lose it with time. I might be pretty now but after maybe few years I might not be that pretty so then would I be good for nothing.

So I work harder everyday and doesn’t care what people think. I know I am more than a pretty face and I will prove that to you someday.

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128 thoughts on “I Am More Than Just A Pretty Face.

  1. Great post and good for you! Knowing who you are, inside and out, is so important. You are a wise and strong young lady ahead of your time. You are a blessed child of God, one of his beloved offspring. Often at times, we have to teach people how to treat us. That’s exactly what you’re doing, and I applaud you. BRAVO!!!
    God bless you,

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  2. I enjoyed your post and I would like to pass on a thought. The ideal that a pretty young woman should feel that she has to prove that she is” more than a pretty face” is a comment on our society in general. From reading this blog, I have a strong feeling that there is so much more that you have to offer. When people respond to your obvious beauty, take it as a compliment and get on with your day. Please don’t feel you have to prove yourself to anyone but yourself. And to loosing your appeal as you get older, if you are the wonderful person inside that I believe you are, that beauty will shine through! It’s true what they say, inner beauty lasts long after our youth. Keep shining through!

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  3. Hello Thank you for reading my blog. It led me to yours. I too was a beautiful young girl and I didn’t know my value as you seem to. It has been a rocky road getting older. I am 61. At 40 I went from being seen to becoming unseen. I had to find a deeper reason for my life than smiling for the camera. Life when you understand your value is so much deeper than the skin that covers you. You becomes beautiful and free. Free to be who you are. Free to value and respect yourself enough to be alone. To be a voice, to share the soul and the spirit beneath the skin. I thank you for speaking your heart. I will be praying for protection and love to come into your circle of influence and that all who see you or read your words will know the deeper you. Bless you

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