I exist in the depths of solitude

Pondering my true goal

Trying to find peace of mind

And still preserve my soul

In vacant or in pensive mood

Which is the bliss of solitude

Together mix’d; sweet recreation,

And innocence, which most does please,

To something lost elsewhere,

Quiet, simple, clear.

Meaning greater than silence

In the deeply hallows of meridian

In a quivering pulse of convalescence

Slips from the cheek into oblivion

In perfect solitude, there’s fire.

I love, I love me entire

My heart to joy at the same tone;

And all I loved, I loved alone.

I could not forsake my solitude

My desire to be alone is an ache

That I could never ignore

I doubt If I could ever love anyone more

If you want to blame someone good

Blame it on my childhood

I was a least favourite child

For my parent all my accomplishment were mild

It’s not that they don’t loved me

It’s just that they wanted more maturity from me

They never let me be a child all I heard was no, never and everything I ask was absurd

It broke my heart it got a guard

They ask me to share my toys

But they were my only things that brought me joys

I became more and more distinct

I thought loving someone was losing everything

I never again let heart by love be torn

I remain alone entangled in my love affair with solitude

I am never good enough for my mother

How can I be good enough for thee

It’s ok everyone has someone who they wished would love’em

For me it’s my mother and that’s my tragedy

I have no complaints I know that’s how my story supposed to be.

Caterpillar are compainionless

As they retire to their cocoons

No one bears witness

And regardless, still they bloom

I have a place where I go

Where no one can be

Where nobody said no

There is no one but me

No mask required

Myself being myself

A strange relationship

By turns embracing it

Thy last of solitudes,

Thy yearlong home.

Emptiness, but a vaster silence filled

With terns’ cries, an abundant solitude.

Cultivating solitude and quiet and few sincere friends

Rather than mob merriment, noise and thousand nodding acquaintance

From every depth of good and ill

The mystery which binds me still:

Like the planets I take your own rotation

Away from the rest

Eluding this fatal collision

I travel alone keeping on your own gravitation

My alone feel so good

I’ll only have you

If you are sweeter than my solitude

Image credit : sutterstock.


48 thoughts on “Solitude.

  1. Love this part: “I love, I love me entire / My heart to joy at the same tone; And all I loved, I loved alone.” I also have the need to be alone to replenish, and when I give that gift to myself, great things happen. We must quench the thirst for solitude when it arises!

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  2. It is in solitude that we can most easily connect with the rhythm of the universe – and ourselves. Still, I hope you find someone with whom you don’t have to wear a mask. There are people like that, but we can only find them if we let our guards down.

    Liked by 1 person

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