Jealousy, the venomous and deceptive emotion.

The mountainous trouble, the worry gone through,

to get to this height, then see it claimed as untrue

Jealousy of all emotions is so painful,

Causing the heart to ache and head to spin

Jealousy is a trait I never want to suffer from,

The double-edged sword

Whether you lose,

Or win.

Envy is the art of 

Counting others blessing instead of your own

Stirs like a vengeful heart

Takes the rhyme from out the reason

Leaves behind the bitter parts

Don’t waste time on jealousy 

Incompetent and confident is incapable of jealousy 

Green eye flares hot 

Ruptured crust 

Drowning drifting calm

Green eyed monster skin

In behaviour Satan akin

The green eyes which ones were blue

Now filled with envy and jealousy 

No one gets all they want and that is the beauty of life 

Adding chase and sometimes strife

Jealous of her success 

Chances are your are not ready yet.

Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes behind and sometimes on a jet 

Blowing off others candle 

Doesn’t make yours shine brighter

Trying to somebody else

That you can never be

Losing your own self 

And all you meant to be

You have your own story 

Why you want to reasons of others tragedy 

When you can the hero of your own story

If you give other people scars

You won’t be having stars

It will haunt you back

Karma won’t leave you a slack

We are all different 

None have it all 

The seed which you be lithely sow 

Grows bitter fruit that does not nourish

Bad intention blow 

What good soil there is

Take the woman to her empty world

Fettered in chains her dungeons be

No man no woman her companion be

Till a last breath no mercy receive 

In jealousy there is 

No happy ending

Should you ever find 

Yourself the victim of 

Others bitterness jealousy lies and insecurities 

Don’t be mad 

Remember it could be worse

You could be them. 

Don’t go for the call

It’s like a bad fall 

To cause you pain

Get out of that rain

Or else you will be singing this in vain

Oh jealous heart oh jelous heart

Stop beating. Can’t you see the damage you have done

You have driven away the ones who love me 

Oh jealous heart now I am the lonely one.”

Jealousy is common emotion. Everyone  one of has those days and someone whom we want to switch places with. Grass is always greener on the other side. But it is not worth it. It’s not what it looks like. No one is ever completely happy. Everyone has their darkest or worst moments. When I was a kid I was jealous of everyone, I always thought everyone has more than me but my granny once gave me an awesome advice. She told me if you’re jealous of someone then try to find their hardship or difficult things about them. If you can’t find one then carry on being jealous, wishing  for switching souls but if you do find even one then be grateful to be in your own skin and respect that person too. I do that everytime but I am yet to find anyone who haven’t been through the hardship or hardtimes. Hence no one worthful that  I want to switch places with. There is always good and bad. Smartest girl is the my school didn’t have parents and the prettiest girl was daily abused and the richest kid had no real friends etc etc. All had problems. Nobody can bear yours nor you can bear theirs. I don’t want to pretty at the cost of being abused or smart in return on being given proper food and shelter or having a warm loving family in exchange of getting cheated on all the time or being super famous and fight everyday for my sanity and justify every normal thing I do. I am pretty sure if we can weigh people’s lifetime sorrows, it would weigh pretty much the same. Be what you want to be, lets not others stuff decide it for you. Be original. We all are unique and have different purposes. Love, live and let live. Jealously only eats up your beauty. Have more faith in yourself, you got something that other people don’t.

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26 thoughts on “Jealousy.

  1. wow you hit on a good subject lots of likes and responses nice job. Jealously is what causes people to lie on each other and tell stories that are not true and damage a person’s reputation.

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  2. Jealousy is a horrible thing that ends friendships, lives and more. Be grateful for what you have and that others have things to sustain their lives. Then there are relationships that have been ended by Jealousy.

    Liked by 3 people

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