Start a blog !!! 

Hey Everyone,

I recently reached 1200+followers (Thank you everyone) on WordPress and many of you asked me to do a post on how did I do that ??. I tried to figure that out. I can’t pinpoint anything and I soon realised I can’t. I am no expert nor experienced. I am still new to blogging and still learning new things everyday. My blog is just 2 months old. Instead I wanted to share why I started a blog and why you should too.

Start a blog

Choosing to start a blog is a fun and creative way to spend your free time!! It’s also a great way to discover other blog you enjoy and connect with others. I will give you some other reason if you are not convinced yet.

Share you ideas 

Your blog can be about whatever you desire, it allows you to share your ideas and share your interests to anyone who stumbles across your blog or your posts and articles.

Sky is the limit, so make your blog creative and unique as possible.

Share your experiences. It doesn’t matter what kind of experiences you had so far, big or small. Just that use your blog to share it with others. It could be a good idea to wrap that post with lesson you learn from that experiences, what it taught you and why it is important learning curve of your life. 

Express your opinions

Sometimes we don’t always feel comfortable to expressing your opinion in reality to other people with fear of being judged or rejected, so letting it freely flow to your own personal blog is great way to talk about topic you feel strongly for or feel in certain way.

Inspire others with your words.

Use your writing to express your opinions on certain topics, but in the process, allow your words to truly inspires your readers. Give them ideas,tips and encourage them to explore different possibilities. 

Any kind of advice you have is worth sharing to hundreds of people who will find and read your blog.

Blogs are great for picking up tips and small pieces of advice, which can be incredibly helpful to someone in certain situation which we all go through at some stage or another.

Create your own identity

You can be whoever you want to be on your blog, there are no rules and regulation. Use this for your advantage by creating your own special identity. Give your interesting yet memorable username, possibly your favourite quote or motto which you live by. This will give your blog a personality. Allow others to know you and your personal style of writing and topics you are interested in talking about

Strengthen your writing skills.

Practice makes perfect !!

Write about anything and everything whenever you had the time or moment to spare. You will get better at writing over time, the more you write the more you post. 

Just as authors increase their writing skills when they create a novel, you will increase your own writing skill through your blog.

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74 thoughts on “Start a blog !!! 

  1. I love this post! It’s so insightful, I just recently started my own blog and I would be thrilled to have any suggestions tips anyone could offer ❤️️

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  2. Why follow you? You can write (just three words but not everyone can write like you’re talking to them), the things you write express a certain vulnerability, the words are inspiring and even though the internet is flooded with proverbs and wise words, yours seem more personal and coming from a kind heart. Which in all makes all the difference. So don’t forget that writing a blog isn’t just all tricks, it takes the right human behind it as well. It is the feeling that results from the combination of things. 1+1=3.

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  3. It has to be like that. You definitely earn the followers and even more. You’re doin a great job and I can only be jealous. But anyway, I will learn from you^^ Thx for sharing your thaughts with the world. I appreciate your effort (:

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  4. wow I love this!! well done you on getting to so many followers! shows it can be done..will be taking your advice! 😛 hate it when you think whats the point when you hardly have any followers, but I remained determined! 🙂 well done again xx

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  5. Hey, I loved this post of yours. You’ve listed all the right reasons for someone to start a blog. For me writing on my blog is like catharsis. Kudos to you on gaining so many followers so soon!
    And yes thanks for liking my blog post. 🙂

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  6. A hearty congratulations on reaching this massive number of followers in such less time. Your blog has been an amazing read throughout.

    Though I certainly agree with writing your heart out about your personal experiences on the blog, I also think a certain kind of blog is much flavoured than the other kind, for instance the fashion blogs. I mostly write about tech & personal learning experiences. Though the reach has been good so far, its still have to go a long way. Let’s see 🙂

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  7. I need some help at the moment with some technical issues so I have a question I hope you dont mind. I was wondering whether you have any plugins or anything installed into your website and if so what are they? Because I thought that u can’t install plugins unless it’s a self hosted blog. I have no idea what to do because I’m not getting many views, comments or followers & I wanted to know how to actually get my blog noticed because it doesn’t even show up when you type my name in google 😦 so I was worried that nobody will see my blog and I’m struggling so much

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  8. Do you have any plugins installed into your website and if so which ones? because I thought that u can’t have plugins if it’s not a self hosted blog thank you very much I need some help atm 😦


      1. Thank you so much! I appreciate your positivity!! I jumped into blogging because I love to write and saw it as a creative outlet! It’s turning into so much more and in so glad I took the leap! 🙂

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  9. I have found that blogging can be a inexpensive way to find out more about stuff you didn’t know about before. There is a coolness to making connections with people from around the world too. Keep on blogging my friend.

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      1. You’re welcome! I’m close to 1000 but I didn’t get there as quick as you. What you’ve done has been very impressive! I’m so proud of you and there’s no doubt in my mind that it would stop here.

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      2. Thank you! Really? That’s good to know! Is there something/anything you think I should more/less of? Happy blogging to you too! I’m here to stay and I hope you are too!

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      3. Perfect! I really appreciate the feedback! Don’t say that! Yeah, your blog may always be here but it also needs to be kept up with 😁

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      4. I don’t want to make a promise that I might break. You never know, I might end up going to Alaska, Sahara Deserts or remote areas of Africa and lose access to the Internet. But I promise to always keep a tab on. 😊😊

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