Does 9 to 5 jobs really suck ??

Everyone has been there, the 9-5 working lifestyle is the most talked about working time-frame amongst a group of young individuals who are looking forward towards embarking on their career. Back in the days, 9 to 5 job were considered traditional and only ones that were taken seriously. It’s not the case anymore. Unconventional careers like actors, musicians, writers, sport players, artists and (new in the trend) youtubers are considered dream jobs among many young people. 

Many people detest the idea of working 9-5 because they feel like their freedom is being taken from them. Those people are considered talented and intelligent while the decent 9 to 5 ers are considered pretty lame and boring. 9 to 5 share a love/hate relationship with everyone. You always find people thrashing it now and then. It’s not considered cool. It’s conventional and only unconventional stuffs get the hype. It is bad though ?? You might have heard people say I can’t do a 9 to 5 job it sucks. I don’t want to sit on a desk for nine to five and go home and eat and sleep. But it’s the healthiest option available. You get up early, you don’t have to skip meals and you sleep early and you have your weekends off. 

Cubicle life gets a lot of flack for being soul-crushing, boring and just too safe, but just because the paycheck is steady and the break room conversations are dull, doesn’t mean that everyone hates their office life.

We are simple doesn’t meant we are not good. The people who say 9to5 sucks are the people who can’t get a 9 to 5 job. Job that offers stability. Agree it’s a routine and you sit on desk for 8 hrs to do work of 2 hours. Next if some one thrashes your 9 to 5 job give them lecture on these following benefits.

Here’s are some of the benefits

1. Definitive Hours

I know that there are occasional late nights and weekends of work in any workplace, but I often eye my nine to five counterparts with envy as they escape on Fridays with total freedom. As a freelancer and business owner, I never feel like I’m off the clock. Even when I’m out or on vacation, the work is always happening- checking in, networking, brainstorming- it’s hard to turn it off.

2. Ability to Plan

In an effort to make myself available for events, jobs, and auditions as they come up, I can rarely commit to or plan anything in advance. I waited until a week before heading to Mexico on vacation to book the trip just to make sure I wouldn’t miss anything, of course, a few days later I get a phone call with a callback for a job happening during the five days I’m away.

It’s like living with constant #FOMO, i.e. Fear Of Missing Out. If I leave town, I might miss an opportunity on the work front. If I stay in town to make myself available for potential work 
That is all, just seeing the smiles on their faces is enough for that happiness to continue throughout the day.
Predictability: They are days when you are hectic as hell and days when you don’t have much work to do. But still is pretty consistent and predictable. But in a non 9to 5 jobs you miss lots of opportunities, You might miss personal milestones and events. You’ve had to skip out on everything from weddings to vacations because of the unpredictability of nomadic career.

3. Consistent Income

You’d be amazed at how much easier it is to file paperwork from tax returns to unemployment to health care applications when you have consistent income from one source. Tracking and managing income on different time lines and from innumerable sources can be a part time job in and of itself.
Consistent income also gives you a much better sense of what you can afford at any given time. When income varies drastically from month to month, as it does with most acting careers, or takes a long time to get processed, as it does with most freelance work, it’s hard to determine exactly how much is available for discretionary or even necessary spending.

4. No pressure. 

Sure, you may have targets and goals that you must adhere to, but if you’re surrounded by an environment of people who support and wish to make you better – which will in-turn make the company better, then you’re in good hands.

In some cases, competition between eachother is nice because you’re all striving towards achieving something worthwhile.

I believe the best companies to work for are those who have a set of values and beliefs, and ensures that they are regularly practiced and enforced among their employees.

5. (Almost)Non existent burnout.

Helps you avoid burnout. Many  burn out short of their financial success. While a common refrain is “it’s a marathon, not a sprint,” few abide by this wisdom. They need to pace themselves on a weekly basis in order to find places where they can recharge and supplement their work with other activities.

The greatest benefits is you won’t be seeing yourself going bankrupt anytime soon. It’s risk free it’s isn’t a come and go profession. The benefit of benefit packages that come with traditional nine to five careers are enviable. From pension plans to 423k matches to healthcare to paid vacation, there are some major perks to being an employee.

But the true thing that matters is that you love your job doesn’t matter if is unconventional or a routine 9 to 5. It enough if it keeps you satisfied and good reason to get out of your of your bed in the morning.

What are your thoughts on 9 to 5 gigs or best/worst thing about a 9 to 5 job ?? Leave it in the comment section below…
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31 thoughts on “Does 9 to 5 jobs really suck ??

  1. I think the problem with working these days is that people have forgotten the the real purpose of working. Work is supposed to keep yo afloat and keep you out of poverty not make you happy or rich. Work is supposed to suck and be lame. Jobs are there to help you finance your own small business,company or things you can do to make money that you have a passion for.

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  2. Yep. I stopped on my attempts to become a stand up comedian a while ago. Didn’t want tthe crazy schedule and the uncertainty, and I went corporate.

    I told a friend’s brother that (he was an actor) and he said “congrats on the income”

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  3. I did 9to5 in the past for a couple of years, it is good when you work in a emotionnally safe environment and you made a point about the consistency of the income. I have been working part-time now for 7 years and I love it, you do everything you enjoy the rest of your free time!

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  4. I work 8 – 5 or even 6 – 5 most days and I’d far rather do that than some random job where you can find yourself working evenings, weekends and holidays. I’ve done plenty of direct sales and rep jobs in the past that only pay commission and have horribly long hours, so I’ve never had a problem with working “9 – 5” and I honestly don’t think anyone thinks of those jobs as anything but a standard work pattern these days, they’re so common.

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  5. I love my 8 – 5 job (a real 9 – 5 is rare here).
    I have co-workers I can turn to for help, advice, a chat. The steady paycheck allows for hobbies I most likely couldn’t afford without. And that paycheck also comes when I have a day not feeling well and working little or not at all.
    And it allows that I work in a field I couldn’t if self-employed
    I understand that it is not for everybody, though. 🙂

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  6. I work anything between 8am to 9.30pm on shifts 27/7 it’s murder to plan around because the schedule always changes. My workplace removed fixed shifts in an effort to be more productive and lost 30% of its staff. 9 to 5 is a dream for shift workers. True it’s normally associated with boring safe jobs but in my world boring and safe is hard to find. I hate my current workplace and it pays badly but it’s there when noone else is hiring. One of the benefits I see that’s worth mentioning is family. If you have a young family kids in school a 9-5 can be great gives the kids consistency and frees up your weekends to spend with them. Yes these days it’s hard to generalise a family dynamic but when I was young knowing my dad was hone at a certain time and having him at the weekend really made a difference and I know it meant alot to him having that freedom. Great piece, very though provoking. Thanks for sharing it’s been a really interesting read.

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  7. There is one thing that I consider critical when doing a 9-5. It has to be within a 15 minute drive.
    Reason for this is that to many people have a job with a long drive. Traffic jams will get you blood pressure up before you even get started. And than is the way home. It is best to have this kind of job done with a bike, or walk or as little commute time as possible.
    It is tiny to consider but vital in the overall picture.

    The job environment is very important. And the companies I worked I could not handle the pressure of the constant eyes watching over your shoulder. It became a do right or die failing when the crisis hit the company. And most 9-5 are office jobs. So the kind of company policy helps or kills the buzz.

    You are right with the planning and the constants. Though planning brings some pressure as to be on time. 5 o’clock, groceries shopping if needed, making dinner. You won’t eat at 6:30 unless it is prefab/boxed food or salads.

    Is it bad? No not at all.
    Can anybody do it? Nope

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