You are just so mean !!

What is it with some people 


Do they have to be so rude

Ill-mannered impolite uneducated

How many words would describe rude

Cheeky uncultured inconsiderate crude

People think thrice to convey gratitude

But no even once to be rude

It’s not true that kindness doesn’t matter

I think that’s the only thing that does

When you’re kind you feel good and when you’re not, you will eventually feel bad 

Isn’t it strange some people make you 

feel so tired inside

All the leaves like brown and dried

Does being mean spirited fill them with absolute pride,

Do they care who they hurt, and how it makes them feel inside.

I guess being mean must be an ego boost for some,

Making themselves feel smarter, by calling someone else dumb.

I can be rude too but I guess my mom taught me well

If you really believe that you’re smarter than all, no one deserves that dumb title but you

And if you really find a need to demean someone, oh god! I pity you.

Negative people are like flu, if you find one run as fast as you can

If you have a mean friend 

What are you doing just call it an end

Nothing good will be coming to you

People are only friends with mean people 

If they need something from them

The moment it’s all done well

They will be left alone

Sad, pathetic and empty shell

Leave and never come back

You’re just so mean, 

So rude, 

And everything. 

I hope that one day you wake up

And see the potential in the world

But for now you’re just a mean girl

Note: Let’s not be that mean girl and make kindness trendy again. 

Image credit : shutterstock


28 thoughts on “You are just so mean !!

  1. The rudes need to lower the others to represent themselves as something great and to secure their status, I would say. The world has a lot of these people. In a handfull of fresh fruits are also some tainted fruits to find, though. (;

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  2. I think someone made the comment about people feeling entitled and I totally agree! I see all the time I too work in customer service and the overall comments are “What are you going to do for me ?” Always looking for a hand out and yes stress is a factor but are we all under stress ? Yet based on your post and the comments that followed we manage not to be rude despite being stressed so why can’t everyone else?

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    1. I guess it takes character to be nice to others regardless of how your day was !!. So all the kind and friendly people out there, thank you😊.. You inspire us. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ». Thank you for commenting.


  3. I love this! I don’t get why some people think being rude is the right way to get through life. It really isn’t and in the long run doesn’t make you any happier. Not to say I’m perfect by any means (I know I definitely have my moments), but some people just don’t know how to be nice.

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  4. This is what I entitle the magic of words. Truer words were never before said! Honestly, it’s sad just watching people sprout about rude words and then feel good about it. If guilt was a person, then I bet it would be chasing them around, just to knock them off. Honestly, I wish I could beat up some sense into rude people. Kill ’em with kindness, maybe. But again, awesomely said.

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  5. Truer words never spoken. The world we live in seems to thrive on rudeness. I’ve worked primarily in customer service and the entitlement is staggering. Do it my way or I shall thrash out like a toddler. I feel like humanity has regressed we grow as children and are given boundaries and decency but out of parents of or guidance we ruturn to a base need of me me me. This piece is wonderfully put together and paints a vivid picture of the sheer rudeness you can encounter everyday. Well written and truly well said!

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    1. Thank you. Wish people realise to choose to be loved for their nice words instead of receiving hate for their rudeness or if they really care to say Choose constructive criticism instead of sheer rudeness. Thank you for stopping by. Have a nice day.

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  6. People today are meaner than they used to be. I believe it’s a sign of stress, costs have risen for everything and people are stretched to the limit financially and otherwise. The stress manifests itself as anger toward others.

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    1. I agree, people are more self absorbed now and don’t really care for other people feelings and Stress is a great factor to it. Hope people realise other person is not a venting device for their anger. Thank you for stopping by and reading. Have A nice day.

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