Wierd Facts About Me..

Hey there,

Many of you fellow bloggers have tagged me to do a lot of would you rather or This or That post or facts or award  posts. But I wanted to do something different. So I am gonna go out there and put off some really wierd facts about me.

Well I do reckon everyone of us have a bit of a weirdness in them. We are all weird people in someway or the other. I can say it’s good to be weird than normal but I know its just a cover up. Wierd is hard, Normal is easy. I want to confess that I am super weird. I look pretty nice and normal but my mind doesn’t do normal. I have too many things about myself that are so so unrelatable. 

Here are some :

It takes me a few seconds to recognise people face
‘s even if they are the ones I see daily. I can’t even point at myself in a photograph in the first five second of staring at it. I would be worst at describing how someone look. I tried but I failed terribly. I guess I just don’t fancy looking at people much. I get confuse with people who are always together and I somehow start to find resembles between them. And this one is extra wierd when I am obbess with someone on TV or a movie personalities and have seen too much of them, I kind of see them in me. 

I am super scared of animals. I just am. Maybe it’s a dog or a cat or a lizard or a fly or mosquitos or anything. Size doesn’t matters here. I have this fear that they will go mad and attack me. My fear is not all in my head, I was once attacked by a pigeon and Raven or a crow tried to pull my hair I was stupidly slapping it and running away and even a cutesy rabbit didn’t spare me, I was trying to feed it grass or some green thingy and it attacked my hand. So No Pet for me. I had goldfish once not one but 3 and it died all at once, it seriously broke my heart. 

I love to gossip. I have this uncontrollable need to spread gossip.
I am a busy body. If someone tells me a juicy secret I get so anxious I had to get it out. Coz of that friends don’t share secrets with me which I hate and I find some thing out way too later after everyone else. When this happens I really feel like crying it is that important to me. Sometimes my friendship is based on that so my friend are bit humble and take the risk. I know it’s bad and have cause too many fights but I can’t help it. But when it is bit serious I do behave but if it’s juicy stuff I just can’t .. I think I am just keen on adding some drama in my life. 

I am obsess with celebrity couples
. I am so passionately in love with it. I am self proclaimed champion of Who Dated Who. I am great at shipping and predicating couples and their break up. I have like 70% success rate. So that’s a talent.

I am super attached to things and super unattached to people. I love my stuff, be it my bags or shoes or toys etc etc if sometimes happens to them I get very sad and if someone wear my clothes, I get so anxious I never want to wear that piece of cloth any. But when it comes to people I am not that into them. I love to hang out and stuff and do follow all the good friend rules and I am a very responsible person but I never feel sad or happy for them. My friend once gave me this stuffy pikachu and I love it till date but I don’t even know where does that friend lives now .

I have a bit of a problem with people who swear a lot. I hate when people swear. I know I am young and I should love the freedom of expression. But people feel like they have swear to be cool it’s like smoking in older days when smoking was consider sexy. I know I am a grandma. 

I never get bored being alone but I get easily bored when people are around
I feel like trapped but I never get lonely when I am alone. When I am with a friend I enjoyed it for hour or so and then I terribly wish them to leave. I have this happy personal bubble. I am never doing nothing when I am alone, I get overactive, I do a lot of things and learn a lot of stuff, be it learning anew language or new skill I am up for it. Shoutout to YouTube, in general Internet for that. 

I have very mild Pyromania
. I love watching fire. Not on a normal level you should see my face it’s like a pure happy child. I don’t know what do I find amusing in that. But I swear it’s not that bad I won’t start fire for no reason just like watching it fascinates me but a bonfire on a cold night is the best thing in the world.

I have lucid dreams
. I realise I am dreaming in my dreams. I can sometimes control my dreams and sometimes I just go in to abyss and wake up after. I like normal dreams though it’s more fun.

I am too positive. Everything I have is beautiful and the things I don’t have are super ugly and I don’t need them. I am very much content. I never ever get jealous. For me grapes are always sour. I am very sore loser the things I don’t get, instantly goes under the bad light for me. Maybe that’s kind of works for me coz I can’t handle failure it’s totally break me into pieces. I don’t have that passion to fight for something or burning desire for something. I do wish I find my calling Someday because being passionate about something is the most beautiful feeling in the world even more beautiful than love.

I turn into different person with every other person I am with
. I guess I have too many different sides to myself. I think it’s more to do with person you are comfortable with. I can really talk the talk and super fun to be with if you get that side of me. I can’t explain it but when I am with someone I am one person and with someone else I go different and when I am alone thats another total different side of me. I am a mystery to myself. That sounded eccentric… yeah I am a narcissist.

Image Courtesy : Shutterstock. 
Thank you for reading.😊😊

So let me know some wierd fact of you guys or if some of you share mine that would be quite reassuring. I hope you people don’t think I am terrible human being which I am not I am nice and sweet but a bit of indifferent I guess.


55 thoughts on “Wierd Facts About Me..

  1. What an absolutely fascinating piece, which is to say – what a fascinating person you are! πŸ™‚
    I have my own list of quirks but none of them overlap with yours at all, which I guess is why I enjoyed reading about you. If we were identical I’d be, like, yeah, yeah, yeah, – I done all of that already! Thank you so much for having the courage to share this.
    Kindness – Robert.

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  3. Wow~ Your personality and your weirdness are really fascinating and cool. I really admire your positivity, especially because I am sometimes more on the pessimistic side of the spectrum, and I don’t think that you’re too positive. (Like you’re more positive than a lot of people, but I don’t think that you have so much positivity that it’s bad :D)
    For me, instead of taking a few seconds to recognize someone’s face, it usually takes me a few seconds to recall and state my age when I am asked how old I am. It’s awkward sometimes, especially because if I don’t think about it, I often blurt out the wrong number xD

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    1. That’s very sweet of you Mimita. Thank you so much. Haha that’s unusual but it’s nice it means that you don’t worry about your age and you don’t want to grow up too fast. Thank you for reading. Have a lovely day 😊😊

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  4. I have the same issue when it comes to turning into a different person depending on the person I’m talking to! It happens naturally for some reason.

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  5. Oh my word, I have the same problem with faces! It can be really bad, because sometimes people get upset when you walk right past them as though you didn’t see them (because you did, but you didn’t register them as someone you know).

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  6. Here are some weird facts about me:
    I like to stare up at the underside of water, I cars that you don’t see everyday – Lotus’s, sabb’s. I like to watch long movies with a good storyline, watch the flames in a fire pit move, I like the look of purple heart wood, I have a long name, a tattoo on my left forearm, I drew up first, a really bad drawling of it, then the tattoo artist redrew it for me, making it one of a kind, I like the 30’s-50’s, I like going to antique stores sometimes.

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  7. It’s so refreshing to see someone being so honest about themselves! It’s a nice reminder for everyone to just be who you are, no pretending or making yourself look better. I love all your ‘weird’ (normal!) traits.

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  8. I love this post so much, it reminds me of myself, I’m pretty weird in some ways too just like you, I love watching fire, I love to look for things to set ablaze and watch it burn in flames but not like in setting up a car or house on fire, not that bad 😁😁. It takes me a few seconds to put a face into shape, I love to read people’s lips rather than listening to them. I hate heights, makes me cry like a baby😁😁. Thanks so muchπŸ’

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  9. Your honesty is so wonderfully-refreshing…and, honesty is certainly rare enough that a level such of yours could be classified as (fantastically) weird…you are interesting in such an endearingly quirky way….and, I love your sense of humor, adventure and play…thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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  10. I also get afraid of some animals. I’m afraid of dogs. I think it’s because a dog jumped on me when I was little. I used to have a friend who couldn’t keep secrets either. She was also a pathological liar. I used to write her in my stories.

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  11. Loved reading about you! I find it fascinating the way everyone’s mind works. I always question myself if I’m normal after reading things like this. Everyone’s different. I have been putting together a list about my dysfunctional function. Lol. I hope to post mine next week. Thank you for giving me the push to get it done. Have a great day! ❀️

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  12. I am jealous of your lucid dreaming. I tried to lucid dream but I just can’t. The moment I figure out that it’s a dream, I wake up. It sucks. LOL. But yea, you are pretty weird.. we all are πŸ™‚ great post.

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  13. You know what is really hard to define?…Normal.
    People are so obssed with wanting to be normal that they forget that no one is normal. We are all wierd. I like to count myself as one of the wierdest people on earth. I hate it when people swear. It’s like they know only four words. And most of the time they are used incorrectly.
    I’m also not really attached to people. I can recognise them, but because I’ve moved around a lot, I just can’t form really good attatchments. Like you I’m also found of my stuff. I’m really teritorial, especially when it comes to my food!
    Thanks for speaking out,
    it’s time we all embraced our weird qualites.

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  14. These are brilliant! I’ve heard of face blindness before its fascinating. Maybe that has some part to play in being unattached to people over stuff. Although to be fair, people are bad stuff is awesome! I’m right there with you on swearing, when used sparingly it’s effective but every other word is annoying. Learn language! Swearing is meant to shock it’s not meant to be normal it’s a passionate outburst not a common verb.
    Weird about me… I wear fedoras in a town where noone wears more than a cap and find it strange that people recognise me. It’s a weird juxtaposition where I want to blend unseen but I dress unconventionally.
    Another weird fact, I have a questionable amount of glitter and ribbons for a heterosexual man.
    and finally I refuse to throw out old shirts and jeans that are too small for me because I’m convinced I’ll fit back into them…even though it’s been years and I need closet space.

    I hope these are weird enough for you and make you feel better about your own. Really enjoyed this post!πŸ˜„

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