Book Of A Lifetime : The Brother Karamazov

Foyodors Dostoevsky’s Masterpiece ” The Brothers Karamazov” is just magnificent. The Brothers Karamazov has had a deep influence on many writers, philosophers, and public figures over the years. No wonder It found its Admirers among some great influencers namely Albert Einstein,Sigmund Freud,Ludwig Wittgenstein,Haruki Murakami, Vladimir Putin, and Hillary Clinton. The Brother Karamazov is one of those book that always remains with you. The writing is so profound you just want to keep it with you. This is one of the most philosophically dense novel ever written but it’s appeal goes well beyond that. The novel sucks you into different world and introduces you the characters so rich and full of life that they seem like people you have known your entire life. All the great work of art contains personal political and spiritual elements and this book has all the three in abundance. 

Written in 19th century Russia, the story take place during that place and time, a world in which people lived in small villages where everybody knows everybody people pass time engaging in conversation rather then watching television and doubts about existence of god are just beginning to creep their way into collective consciousness. Though the characters are Russian and the novel is often described as Russian illustration of the Russian soul, it is the human soul that this book is primarily about. 

The Brother Karamazov is so powerful that it will change a part of you. The Brothers Karamazov is not for the faint of heart. its story is captivating. And, as always in Dostoevsky’s works, the depth of thought behind the philosophical questioning is what makes the book stand out. 

 Who, after reading this book, can forget Fyodor Karamazov, the wicked and cold father? Or Ivan, the cold rationalist son who has abandoned his belief in God? Or Dmitri, the well-intentioned son who is held captive to his own base desires? And of course, Alyosha, the good son who trusts in God but is powerless to stop the murder of his father? And these are just the Karamazovs. Dostoevsky’s descriptions of Katerina, Grushenka, Father Zosima and Smerdyakov are just as compelling.

The Brother Karamazov provokes  questions about God’s sovereignty, the place of suffering in our world, human depravity, and redemption through pain.

I have decided not to give a description of this book’s storyline. I just can’t explain how much I love this love this book. It is one of best fiction I ever came across. There are many places where one can find the story. I will say that there are sections of this book where the theological questions are so profound and well-treated that the reader feels he must read them several times to fully feel their force. I recommend this book to every  literature lover. Happy reading.

“Hurray for the Karamazov!”


3 thoughts on “Book Of A Lifetime : The Brother Karamazov

  1. I completely agree. Also Fetyokovich( Defence attorney) ‘s summation speech really got me. It was so prefect. Didn’t change anything but still was the best argument. Very touching! Thank you for reading. Have a nice day. 😊😊


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